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CULKIN – Glow on Itsatrap

Culkin – Glow

Can’t deny that I count various members of Culkin as my personal friends, but that doesn’t mean I don’t sincerely believe they are a good band. Wait, scratch that: great band! I know I’m predisposed to enjoy guitar-based indierock — that much is obvious — but that also doesn’t mean that Culkin automatically qualify on that front either because there’s a shit-ton of bands with dudes playing guitars who are straight-up garbage. Along with Tennis Bafra and a few others, Culkin herald the arrival of what I hope to be a new age of Swedish indierawk, with one foot in the past (see song titles such as “Tim Kerosene” and if you don’t get it, do your homework) and eyes toward the future. The vital ingredients: strong hooks, a muscular rhythm section and dense melodies. Culkin has it all, along with triumphant guitar solos as a bonus.
“Glow” is the slow-burn epic opener of the band’s new album “Several Sundays” and I hope they don’t get mad at me for sharing it with you, but I’m doing it anyway. Act first, apologize later y’know. Buy the CD here or listen at Spotify.

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